Hawaiian's Gold Giving Box Exceeds Expectations


Hawaiian’s Gold Giving Box campaign has exceeded expectations for 2014.

The final count of Gold Giving Box donations, over 7,000 people will have a brighter Christmas this year thanks to the campaign.

A total of 2,102 kilos of food has been collected from the Gold Giving Boxes by Foodbank, equating to over 3,600 meals. Anglicare WA received a generous total of 3,500 toys and gifts, enabling them to better support their network helping local families.

In total across all of Hawaiian's shopping centres, Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa and office buildings there has been the equivalent to more than ten Hawaiian Gold Giving Boxes collected, equalling more than an entire shipping container!

Hawaiian CEO Russell Gibbs said the response had been overwhelming.

“We’ve been delighted by how generous our customers have been this year and there’s some really great stories to come out of the giving, “ Mr Gibbs said.

On behalf of Hawaiian, thank you to everyone who kindly donated to a Gold Giving Box in support of Foodbank and Anglicare WA. Your generosity will make for a happier Christmas for those in need in your community.