The Giants are coming


Hawaiian is The Giants Supporting partner in Perth, as part of the 2015 Perth Festival.

The Giants is the biggest professional live arts event Australia has ever staged and will bring a large amount of national and international visitors to the city over Valentine's Day weekend from 13 to 15 February.

The event is in celebration of the ANZAC Centenary; the Giants, towering overing crowds at 6m and 11m, will roam the streets of Perth in search for one another, sharing a modern-day myth that blends Aboriginal stories with an account of troops departing for Gallipoli.

Hawaiian CEO Russell Gibbs has been instrumental in ensuring this event could be part of the 2015 Perth Festival, understanding the impact this world class production could have on the West Australian community.

“From the moment I was first introduced to the concept of The Giants, I was convinced this was an exciting event the people of Perth should have the opportunity to experience,” Mr Gibbs said.

“I have no doubt The Giants will bring together the Perth community to share the experience of a lifetime.”

We want to make sure everyone can experience this spectacle come to life, so we have included some useful links to help plan your Giant experience!

To learn more about The Giants visit to Perth click here.

To plan your public transport click here. 

Royal de Luxe Image: Pascal Victor -Artcomart- Royal de Luxe - Nantes 2009