Spencer Ogden making big changes at London House.

Hawaiian has recently signed a number of big new tenants at London House and Parmelia House.

One of the most unique tenants to move into London House is international recruitment company Spencer Ogden, who has signed a five-year lease.

Hawaiian’s General Manager, Office Buildings Richard Kilbane said the building has traditionally attracted corporate clients with conventional office designs and fitouts.

“Spencer Ogden has brought a modern twist to the building, featuring astro-turf and polished concrete floors instead of carpet, exposed slab and services instead of white plasterboard ceilings, themed offices and workspaces incorporating surfboards and bicycles.

“Hawaiian believes it is vital to be able to diversify our offering and adapt to the requirements of current and future tenants by providing flexible work spaces.  Our vision is to provide places within the building and its tenancies where people can connect, engage and grow.

“Another example of this, is at one of our other office buildings Parmelia House, where we have partnered with FLUX and CORE Innovation Hub to build a number of levels of coworking spaces.

Launched in the UK in 2010, Spencer Ogden provides skilled professionals across its Built Environment, Rail, Automotive, Aerospace, Defence and R&D sectors, as well as the entire energy lifecycle including Oil & Gas, Drilling, Renewables, Utilities, Power and Nuclear.

Spencer Ogden Country Manager Australia, James Holden said as with our business model globally, Spencer Ogden Perth entered the WA market during the downturn in local industry, our ability to invest whilst others consolidate has afforded us more opportunities to win business in a highly competitive space. 

“After 2 years of successful growth our headcount has reached 14 and the time came to invest further in Perth and establish our own working space, this now provides us with room to grow further in WA,” Mr Holden said.

“Spencer Ogden chose London House as the location for our new office for multiple reasons, we appreciate the unique service and facility offering in comparison to the majority of spaces on the terrace, the concierge service also adds a valuable personable touch from a tenant’s perspective.

"We've designed the 180 square metre office space to form a collaborative environment that is reflective of Perth's local culture. From surfboard racks, astro-turf flooring, beach style furniture and graffiti lockers, this fun open-concept office is a place where staff can come to work and operate with wireless headsets, mobile laptop stations, play table tennis or ride a bike while working,” Mr Holden said.