Singing from the rooftop

Hawaiian’s head office building is part of this year’s Perth Festival, with Siren Song filling the skies twice a day from our rooftop and other buildings throughout the CBD.

Siren Song is a seven minute performance, at dawn and dusk, of women’s voices.  The sunrise composition is a very gentle, ambient piece while the sunset piece is more dynamic and includes a helicopter fly-over.

The event was created by sound artist Byron J Scullin and the curatorial duo Supple Fox.  In their second collaboration they are joined by Noongar singers Kirtal Kickett and Karla Hart and vocalists Carolyn Connors, Deborah Cheetham, Tanya Tagaq and Tara Tiba.

The event began on Friday, 9 February and runs until Sunday, 18 February. For more information, visit